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Rules of Conduct

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ŠŠK Birdie offers training during the winter months. There are two golf simulators GolfBlaster3D, driving range with four driving pads, putting green. You can book time slots between 8.00 - 21.00 via
Prices for one hour of training from 6 €, more information at

When entering the indoor golf center (simulators or driving range), all visitors must immediately register at the club reception (this includes coaches and accompanying persons).
  • Visitors who came to use the driving range must first pay the fee and receive a playing card in return. The playing card must be returned to the reception after training. A player practicing at the driving range without a playing card (unpaid fee) will have to stop training and will be suspended from further training at the indoor center.
  • Reservations can be made exclusively through the club website:
  • Visitors must change their clothes and keep them within lockers in the changing room (coats, windbreakers, shoes they came in). Visitors may only stay in the areas reserved for their use (not in staff reserved areas: reception, storage, space behind the simulators, etc.)
  • Visitors can only use clean shoes without any kind of “spikes” and clean golf equipment.
  • For the consumption of food and drinks, visitors must use the club refreshment area situated near the simulators.
  • Visitors must adhere to the booked duration of their session. Stop playing at least 3 minutes before the end of the booked time so that you’ll have enough time to pack your things and return the playing area to its original condition.
  • Visitors must not disturb players on adjacent simulator or driving range with noisy behavior and must strictly follow golf etiquette.
  • Only use golf balls and Tees provided to you by the reception staff. Do not use golf balls with promotional print and do not use grooving plastic or wooden Tees (danger of canvas degradation; indoor center staff will provide you with both balls and Tees).
  • Only one player is allowed in the designated area during a simulator game, otherwise there is a risk of injury by a golf club or a golf ball.
  • During driving range sessions, the area in front of the driving pads must be clear of any other players, otherwise there is a risk of injury by a golf club or a golf ball. The ball may only be struck from designated areas.
  • Before starting a strike, or even during a test swing, the player must make sure that no one is standing too close or in a position where they could be hit by a club or a ball.
  • Visitors must not temper with any electrical installation or electrical parts of a device. Any maintenance may only be carried out by a designated person, as there is a risk of electric shock.
  • The club shall in no way be liable for any accidents or damages caused by visitors’ own carelessness, misconduct or a failure to comply with the rules of conduct. Visitors are liable for all damages caused by their own carelessness or misconduct.
  • If you notice any health issues with another visitor or any other issues, please inform the reception staff immediately.

We greatly appreciate that the cleanliness and pleasant environment of our premises is something you care about too. We wish you a comfortable stay at our indoor golf center and hope that you will use our facility for quality training sessions during the winter season.

ŠŠK Birdie management

History of School sports club BIRDIE creation

School sports club BIRDIE was established on 13.5.2009 placed at Health High School Strecnianska 20 in Bratislava. Sport activities of the school, that are already 3 years focused on golf, were needed to be institutionalized. This institution is responsible for controling and administrate young talents preparation and training.

For evolving of every sport, it is important to build broad base of fans, mainly between children and youngsters. With time passing and patient work with young generation it is possible to prepare wide base of skillful amateur, but also professional players on top sporting level that would be able to represent Slovakia in the future. Of course, teaching and preparing of professional sportsmen is only the tip of an iceberg of longtime work with young people. Golf, as a new and evolving sport in Slovakia, should attract young people. The goal is to unbend them from negative impacts of today’s era like smoking, alcohol, drugs, excessive television watching and computer playing. Decrease of physical effort, active sporting, decrease of physical education lessons at schools is forcing us to search for new forms of life style improvement of young generation.

Golf for everybody is a way by which this situation can be regulated. Way by which schools, as educational institutions, can attract young people again back to sport, on playgrounds and into gyms. Building of golf academies and golf indoors is a way through wich we can fullfil dreams of golf fans in really serious way.

Health High School at Strecnianska street in Bratislava took the way of improving life style by implementing its students and broad public, especially teenagers, into sporting activities together with golf basics learning.

Motive for this activity was starting project of public start under patronage of first lady Mrs. Silvia Gasparovicova : Let’s open the gates on golf course for children. We were interested in an idea of using free time with active sporting and in the same time to learn how to play golf and earn skills focused on this game.

Benefical opening of Golf Indoor Centre at Health Hogh School, Strecnianska 18 in Bratislava took place under the patronage of first lady of Slovak republic, wife of the Slovak republic president, Mrs.Silvia Gasparovicova on 24.11.2006. Benefical atmosphere of the opening was supported by many golf players, officials and delegates of few media. First drive, by which the indoor was introduced was done by Lukas Valuch, young Slovak golf neophyte.

Right after the opening, indoor started to be visited by many young players, cooperation with Slovak Senior Golf Association was started by free entrance for representation players during first three seasons. Golf course began its function at school and during first three seasons interested students can earn skills and theoretical education for free. Cooperation with golf club Pegas Lozorno and Full Swing Indoor Golg Club, which also has golf simulators, began. Club is providing for free few lessons per week for school students with simulators playing option. In terms of propagation there has been done a lot of work. Several articles were published in magazine Golf, in Petrzalka newspaper, in Plus Jeden Den that increased visitation of this centre. The best cooperation was done with television company TVA which prepared document about Golf Indoor Centre and viewers could watch it through 2 weeks on television. Document showed possibilities how to learn to play golf, also other sport spaces at school which serve to broad public, mainly young people.

Second season was opened by senior professional Mr. Ing. Jan Leso, PhD, who denoted Hole in one on forst hole at Europe Championship in Giteborg and became a Europe Championship star.

In the present we are already behind third season and the third one was opened by three times in a row olympic winners, Hochschorner brothers. Great atmosphere supported by golf fans from slovak showbusiness M.Nikodym, A.Hajdu, P.Sklar and other important guests attracted new interested people from between students and broad pulic. During third season 1.School Championschip in pitching took place. School was chosen as SGA, center for youth golf talents. Three year work was finished with establishment of SSK BIRDIE which provided buying of two golf simulators GolfBlaster3D during summer holidays and in the present it is preparing for fourth season opening of indoor.

The fourth season was opened by the godfather of SSK BIRDIE and the coach of the Slovak hockey team Ján Filc. In 2002, the team won a gold medal in Goteborg and they took fourth place in the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

The usual excellent organisation of the event, interessting guests, putting competition and the entire atmosphere was strengthened by the victory of Adam Rajecký, a SZŠ student.

Sixth season in 2011 opened Ján Lešo and Tibor Kráľ together with the godfather of the club Ján FILC.

At the opening of the seventh season, accepted an invitation in 2012 Slovak Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr Ing. Peter Svitek, a big fan ŠŠK BIRDIE.

Opening eighth season was marked by a festive atmosphere in the presence of a new General Manager SKGA Zuzana Kamasová.