BIRDIE Školský športový klub
Rules of Conduct
  • ŠŠK Birdie golf club  offers training during the winter months. There are two golf simulators GolfBlaster3D, driving range with four driving pads, putting green. You can book time slots between 8.00 - 21.00 via
  • When entering the indoor golf center (simulators or driving range), all visitors must immediately register at the club reception (this includes coaches and accompanying persons).
  • Prices for one hour of training from 6 €, more information at
  • Entry conditions: Submission of confirmation of a curfew exception. Car parking in front of the school, not in front of the sports club.
  • Visitors who came to use the driving range must first pay the fee and receive a playing card in return. The playing card must be returned to the reception after training. A player practicing at the driving range without a playing card (unpaid fee) will have to stop training and will be suspended from further training at the indoor center.
  • Reservations can be made exclusively through the club website:
  • Visitors must change their clothes and keep them within lockers in the changing room (coats, windbreakers, shoes they came in). Visitors may only stay in the areas reserved for their use (not in staff reserved areas: reception, storage, space behind the simulators, etc.)
  • Visitors can only use clean shoes without any kind of “spikes” and clean golf equipment.
  • For the consumption of food and drinks, visitors must use the club refreshment area situated near the simulators.
  • Visitors must adhere to the booked duration of their session. Stop playing at least 5 minutes before the end of the booked time so that you’ll have enough time to pack your things and return the playing area to its original condition.
  • Visitors must not disturb players on adjacent simulator or driving range with noisy behavior and must strictly follow golf etiquette.
  • Only use golf balls and Tees provided to you by the reception staff. Do not use golf balls with promotional print and do not use grooving plastic or wooden Tees (danger of canvas degradation; indoor center staff will provide you with both balls and Tees).
  • Only one player is allowed in the designated area during a simulator game, otherwise there is a risk of injury by a golf club or a golf ball.
  • During driving range sessions, the area in front of the driving pads must be clear of any other players, otherwise there is a risk of injury by a golf club or a golf ball. The ball may only be struck from designated areas.
  • Before starting a strike, or even during a test swing, the player must make sure that no one is standing too close or in a position where they could be hit by a club or a ball.
  • Visitors must not temper with any electrical installation or electrical parts of a device. Any maintenance may only be carried out by a designated person, as there is a risk of electric shock.
  • The club shall in no way be liable for any accidents or damages caused by visitors’ own carelessness, misconduct or a failure to comply with the rules of conduct. Visitors are liable for all damages caused by their own carelessness or misconduct.
  • If you notice any health issues with another visitor or any other issues, please inform the reception staff immediately.

We greatly appreciate that the cleanliness and pleasant environment of our premises is something you care about too. We wish you a comfortable stay at our indoor golf center and hope that you will use our facility for quality training sessions during the winter season.

ŠŠK Birdie management